CP/M is really open-source now

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Bryan Sparks, President of DRDOS, clarified the license of CP/M:

Let this paragraph represent a right to use, distribute, modify, enhance, and otherwise make available in a nonexclusive manner CP/M and its derivatives. This right comes from the company, DRDOS, Inc.'s purchase of Digital Research, the company and all assets, dating back to the mid-1990’s. DRDOS, Inc. and I, Bryan Sparks, President of DRDOS, Inc. as its representative, is the owner of CP/M and the successor in interest of Digital Research assets.

Of course, it was "opened" a long time before, but with an unclear clause, mentioning "Unofficial CP/M Web Site" as a licensed place.

The discussion is not over yet, but we believe this statement is equivalent to the well-known BSD or MIT licenses.

Okay, it means you can build any Z80/8080/8085-based computer and implement the CP/M for it - legally! Great news, isn't it?

Read more: https://appdot.net/@mdhughes/108636532448090889, http://www.cpm.z80.de/license.html

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