Lazy Sunday with 8bits

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Okay, I have no new project now, so I decided to publish some of my saved pages as tips for you.

C compiler for 6809

Pierre Sarrazin made a cross compiler for C language, called CMOC. It runs under Linux or Cygwin and is published under the GPL3 license. It has limited features (no stdlib, limited floats, etc.) The primary target is the CoCo, but you can compile programs for Dragon, Thomson, Vectrex, or OS-9 and FLEX operating systems.

Space Invaders Cardbox

Rob Cai found some old intercoms with a CRT mini display, so he decided to make a mini Space Invaders arcade machine. Just take that display, an Arduino, and a few buttons.

Clones, clones, clones, clones, clones...

Dan Werner has a lot of exciting projects on his GitHub. Namely: Dragon 64 clone with neat case and outstanding design. Or the Vic-20 clone named Vic-2020. An interesting piece is also the WE861 - a 65816 CPU-based computer with 512 kB RAM, 96 kB ROM, TMS9918 video processor, and AY-3-8910 PSG.

Sergey Kiselev is another example of retro maker. He has for example:

One of my favorite retro guys is Matt Sarnoff. You may know his 68k-nano, a 68000-based minimal computer, or Ultim809, a homebrewed retro computer based on 6809. But Matt has a neat retro computer, based on ATMega1284, called Amethyst.

Matt write: It features composite (NTSC) video output with both high-color and high-resolution modes, mono audio output, and a full-travel mechanical keyboard. It includes a full-featured implementation of the powerful Forth programming language, with graphics and sound commands, debugger, and screen editor.

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